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Worldwide, top performing organizations using Decision MAPping are routinely invited by their Customers to take an active part in Joint Decision-Making and Strategy Formulation. Decision MAPping has taught them to think and act in ways that build such confidence and respect. These are global stars, organizations such as Novartis, GE, Procter and Gamble's global Customer Partnering strategy, IBM, The U.N. NEPAD project, Lockheed Martin, DuPont, General Dynamics, and United Technologies... even the U.S. Department of Defense – all using this process as a standard of excellence to effect historic decisions with their customers.

What sets them apart? According to a Price-Waterhouse study, their habits of managing customers are consistent. Strategies are Customer focused, they use multi-functional teams, and they know and trust the MAPping Patterns. Their vision, energies, and technologies focus on the Customer. And their specific customer strategies link directly back to their long-term Vision. Each of these Companies has carefully introduced and integrated this methodology into their culture. They rely on "MAPping" as their best practice tool to map customers, markets, and product launches, unions, channels, and brand strategies. These clients map every important opportunity... Decision MAPping helps to set them apart.